RPM for Covid-19

How NousLogic Telehealth's RPM products also help manage the "new normal" in the age of Covid-19 ?

NousLogic Telehealth combines our Smart "RPM remote patient monitoring" Hub's vital-sign sensors, connectivity with other devices, and video-call telemedicine  into a single platform. Our vital sign sensors  and Smart Hub can be placed in the homes of patients at risk for COVID-19 or in ALF assisted-living facilities, hospitals. Simple DIY installation allows the product to be mailed directly to patients homes (with or without wifi) for instant setup and monitoring by remote caregivers, family members, Dr's offices. Powerful, flexible protocols and analytics built into NousLogic dashboard/cloud server support many realtime automation and notification services, offering peace of mind and potentially life-saving preventive telemedicine.

Prior to Covid-19, NousLogic RPM service has been reimbursable by Medicare program in the USA with the goal to keep patients healthy in between doctors’ visits and away from hospitals to reduce hospitalization costs. Now with hospitals capacity strained beyond their limit due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for keeping patients out of the hospitals while still closely monitoring theit vital signs remotely is even more critical: NousLogic Telehealth's RPM along with our Smart Medication adherence system and video call Telehealth service provide a perfectly-timed platform that helps healthcare workers remotely and effectively monitor and manage these patients at home. Medical consultation via video call telehealth service is another component of our RPM platform that keeps doctors-patients interaction intact during this social-distancing, safer-at-home period.

NousLogic Telehealth platform  benefits for Covid-19

  • Reduce infection risk, Increase patient safety:
    1. Keep patients safe with remote monitoring of vital signs and medication adherence/reminder and virtual video visits.
  • Increase hospital capacity:
    1. Patients with known/suspected infection and have mild, moderate symptoms can be remotely monitored and managed from home, thus reducing the strain on hospital capacity.
  • Reduce exposure to healthcare workers:
    1. RPM and virtual video visits enable healthcare workers to remotely monitor and manage patients in their own homes, while avoiding any potential exposure to Covid-17.
  • Simple DIY installation & management; powerful analytics and automation services:
    1. So simple to install, our RPM system can be mailed directly to patients homes for DIY installation (with or without WiFi support)
    2. User-friendly dashboard with powerful, flexible analytics, and protocols provides remote HCW with automation and notification services to monitor, manage and intervene when needed.


NousLogic virtual video visit service deployed at Assisted-living facilities
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